Loredana's Products

Proudly Made In Colorado

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Welcome to Loredana's Products Where
Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary Happens Every Day

Loredana's Style of Marinated Cheese Spreads, Tapenade Style Spreads,
Marmalades and Vinaigrette Products are Extraordinary in Every Way.


Starting with the very first meal of the day and adding a spoonful of Siena to your egg dishes or a spoonful of Amiata to your hashbrowns, Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary.

With all the different Loredana's products it's hard to become bored with meal planning.

Every meal is a delight to prepare and serve.

A fresh take on vegetable dishes, baked or mashed potatoesCorn on the Cobb with Loredana's not to mention corn on the cob off the grill.

Fresh or from the can right off the grocers shelves a touch of Loredana's products
Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary.With Loredana's Balsamic

The rich blend of marinated cheeses, herbs and spices are unique to all Loredana's products.

All of Loredana's products are lovingly crafted and artisanally produced.

Handmade without preservatives and are created in small batches with the finest ingredients and are...